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StoragePUP of Panama City

StoragePUP of Panama City
Joined 2020-02-17

StoragePUP of Panama City offers high-quality mobile storage units that are nicer than PODS and cost less. Mobile storage is a great option for safe and secure storage of home or business items. Unlike self-storage, these units can be placed conveniently at your location giving you immediate 24-hour access to your things. Now offering CoolPUPs, air conditioned mobile units that will protect your things from the Florida heat and humidity. We also partner with local tow truck companies to deliver, move, and pick up the units so you get the best service at the lowest price.

Moving but don’t have a truck or trailer? Unable to pack/move/unpack everything in 24-hours with a rental truck? No problem! Our mobile units are rented by the month, so take your time packing up, we’ll move it once it’s loaded to your new location and then take as much time as you need to unpack.

Renovating or remodeling but your furniture is in the way and you don’t want to damage it? Our mobile units make home repairs easy. We can park a unit outside your front or back door. Move a room at a time into the unit while you paint, replace flooring or sheetrock, etc., then easily move them back when done.

So if you’re moving, remodeling, making repairs, or just reducing clutter, think inside the box with a mobile storage unit.

(850) 296-8897

4215 Hwy. 231
Panama City, FL 32404