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Bay Building Industries Association wins NAHB Grand Award

Bay Building Industries Association wins NAHB Grand Award

The National Association of Home Builders announced that it has named Bay Building Industries Association as a Grand Award winner as part of the 2022 Annual Membership Awards.

The HBA was selected in its size category as the association with the nation’s highest Numerical Increase and Percentage Increase for 2022.

“On behalf of the BBIA board of directors and our full membership, let me express what an honor it is for our local association to be recognized on a national level. The board and leadership teams we have in place care deeply about our industry, but more importantly about our community,” Marty Perrett, 2023 BBIA President said. “I firmly believe that Stacy Watson, our association’s Executive Officer, is the best EO in the nation. A large part of our recent growth is the fire and passion she has for our community as well as our local associations involvement on the State level. The energy is high, and the future is bright for the BBIA.”

NAHB’s Grand Awards honor local and state HBAs that have demonstrated exceptional achievement in membership growth and retention. These awards are given to the top association from each group size in several membership categories including numerical increase, percentage increase, annual retention rate and highest increase in Affiliate members.

“An NAHB Grand Award represents Bay Building Industries Association’s commitment to its members and creating a welcoming community for all,” Judy Dinelle, 2023 NAHB Membership Committee Chairman said. “NAHB recognizes local organizations for their outstanding achievements in member recruitment and retention each year to celebrate their success as we strive to serve everyone in the home building industry.”

Bay Building Industries Association’s recruitment and retention efforts included several strategies, including community engagement, partnerships with local organizations, and membership networking events. These efforts helped foster a strong sense of community and attracted new members to the organization.

If you are interested in investing in the Bay Building Industries Association, please contact Stacy Watson, Executive Officer, at 850-890-8554 or visit their website at for more information.

Learn more about the National Association of Home Builders and the Grand Awards here.