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Ocean Week Makes a Splash in Panama City Beach

Ocean Week Makes a Splash in Panama City Beach

We’ve been exploring the ocean for generations. But it seems the more we learn about it, the less we know. Vast in scope and size, brimming with strange animals and plants, the world that lies beneath the sea is still largely a mystery. Yet the importance of a vibrant ocean and its untapped resources becomes increasingly obvious.

That goes double for those of us in Florida. Panama City Beach�s Ocean Week, July 21 � 27, 2014, understands and celebrates that fact. The event was inspired by advancements in underwater exploration, and it honors them in a big way. And it�s only right.

That�s because many of those advancements were made possible when the Panama City Beach Navy Mine Defense Laboratory developed SeaLab I, currently on display at the Man in the Sea Museum.

The event commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the SeaLab program and also acknowledges continuing achievement in underwater exploration. Plus it emphasizes the importance that a healthy ocean plays in our lives. It does this with a bevy of events, activities, and fun�all guaranteed to make your whole gang smile. Ocean Week events include:
�Fishing workshops, including workshops for kids
�Shell Island Shoreline Clean-up
�Special musical guests
�Caribbean Pig Roast
�A boat show
�The Lion-Tamer Dive Tournament (a spearfishing tournament to help control the invasive, destructive Lion Fish)
�And too much more to list

The events are just the tip of the sandbar. Click Here for a full list of events in PDF format.