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Online Review of PCB in L’esprit Sud Magazine

Online Review of PCB in L’esprit Sud Magazine

The unique sugar-white sandy beaches of Northwest Florida can easily be compared to the amazing shores of the Greater Whitsundays, Australia. With 27 miles of stunning white sands and emerald green waters that remain warm all year long, Panama City Beach Florida has a lot to offer to anyone looking for a place to unwind. Self proclaimed “The most beautiful beach in the world”, this Gulf Coast Paradise certainly knows how to display gracefully many natural wonders that will endear any nature lover.

The beautiful white sand of Panama City Beach
The roots of Panama City Beach can be traced back to the 1800s when it was settled as a community of fishermen with the occasional intrusion of pirates. The official story however, began only in 1936 when the city was founded. The city’s name came from the fact that at that time, it was the nearest American port to the newly opened Panama Canal. For many years, Panama City Beach has been a popular spring break destination with about 100,000 college and high school students, invading each year the area during the months of March and April.

A real estate boom in the early to mid 2000s drastically changed the image of the area. The older homes and distressed motels have been replaced by pricey high-rise condominiums and luxury homes. High-end seafood restaurants have also developed to better cater the new touristic demographics.

Panama City Beach from St Andrew’s State Park
The city enjoys a subtropical climate with an average temperature of 74 degrees. July and August tend to be hot and humid, but any other periods are truly pleasant. The warm and clear waters are paradise for snorkelers as you can almost be assured to have a close encounter with colorful fish or dolphins. The experience of being surrounded by a fish school is something you will never forget. To continue reading the article and for additional information please go to: Photo credit: Sandra Austoni