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Made in the Shade Bay Walton

Made in the Shade Bay Walton
Joined 2019-06-24

Donna Godwin launched Made in the Shade Bay Walton for the Panama City, Mexico Beach, Panama City Beach and 30A areas to offer affordable custom window treatments to Bay and Walton County. Sales experience in this territory is in excess of 30 years and we extend our integrity and sales expertise to all of our customers. Do you know your style? (Modern, Boho, Farmhouse, Industrial, Rustic or Traditional) Customizing your windows is our goal and we are willing to spend the time to help you pick out just the right style for you. Call us or visit this link to set up an appointment for your free blind date today!

(850) 814-6374

13913 Panama City Beach Pkwy.
Panama City, FL 32413