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Al McCambry Elected to NCCET

Al McCambry Elected to NCCET

Al McCambry, Director of Corporate College at Gulf Coast State College (GCSC) is elected to the National Council of Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) Board. NCCET is a national organization for leaders in workforce, community, and economic development. The NCCET leadership is active on the national scene, working with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Commissions, such as the Commissions on Economic and Workforce Development, and Learning and Communications Technologies.

“This Council’s Mission goes hand in hand with both GCSC’s mission as well as the mission of Corporate College,” says Mr. McCambry. “It is indeed an honor to be asked to serve on this Council as it will afford me the opportunity to understand best practices that are proven and true, related to workforce and economic development.”

Dr. Jeff Stevenson, Chief Economic Development Officer at Gulf Coast State College states, “Al McCambry’s appointment to the NCCET will greatly enhance his professional development in the field of education and open up extensive opportunities for Corporate College as well as our region’s economic development.”

“We are very proud of Al’s appointment to the NCCET Board,” said Dr. Jim Kerley, GCSC President. “This is great exposure for the College, and also allows for Al to gain insight on training programs and curriculum that are vital to the success of closing the workforce gap here in our community.”