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Fawn Germer to Speak at Women’s Work-Life Symposium

Fawn Germer to Speak at Women’s Work-Life Symposium

“Work-life balance? What balance? Life is always a little out of whack. The stars do not align themselves to make things nice and easy for you. Sometimes it’s as if the universe is deliberately throwing too much at you. As if it is forcing you to choose. It’s not about balance. It’s about choices.” – Fawn Germer.

Fawn Germer will be a Keynote Speaker at the 8th Annual Women’s Work-Life Symposium, presented by Emerald Coast Hospice. She will kick off the day by speaking on the powerful topic, “Work-Life Reset: Forget Balance, It’s All About Choices”.

Did you and your co-workers show up at work today feeling as if this was the first day at the best job ever? Probably not. More than half of American professionals say they are unhappy at work, and more than 40%  report feeling stressed at work every single day.

It’s time for a reset. “Almost every human being reaches a point where he or she needs a dramatic reset in their work or personal lives,” says best-selling Oprah book author Fawn Germer, whose Work-Life Reset topped best-seller lists the second day of its release. “The good news is that it can be done easily. We have tremendous power to change our attitude and approach.”

Women’s Symposium attendees will learn to conquer stress, redefine their work and personal lives, and do a total reboot from a life of pressure and disappointment to one of happiness and satisfaction. Even better, they don’t just improve their lives but also the lives of their families, friends, colleagues and customers.

Fawn bonds with her audiences with her no-pretense approach and sense of humor. She is the best-selling author of eight books and a four-time Pulitzer-nominated journalist. She is also one of only three women on the famous list of the “World’s Top 30 Leadership Professionals,” which ranks speakers worldwide.

Fawn’s Work-Life Reset program shows how to:

  • Find your own magic bullet – your personal go-to cure for sadness, ruts or frustration.
  • See life through a big-picture lens so you maintain a perspective of balance that reduces stress and frees you to define your priorities.
  • Change your mindset so you aren’t polluted by office politics or gossip.
  • Deal with change by grounding yourself in mindfulness.
  • Ratchet it up by re-igniting the spark that drew you to your calling in the first place.
  • Make your job work for you even when you think you’re over it.
  • Choose happiness rather than expecting it to come to you.
  • Set real boundaries and honor them.

The event is now SOLD OUT!